Passport Photos in Clovis, CA

Renewals and First Time Applicants

Let us simplify the passport application by providing the professional passport photo you need for renewals and first time applicants. Preparing for international travel—whether for pleasure or business—can be daunting. This step is simple and quick at our Clovis store!

We offer federally-compliant passport photos year round. Each photo is ready in minutes so you can quickly cross this item off your travel to-do list. No appointment is necessary and our extended store hours make it easy for you to drop by when it is convenient.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Passport Photo:

  • Attire: Hairbands and hats cannot be worn. Hair cannot obscure a portion of the face. Uniforms and camouflage attire should not be worn.
  • Glasses are not allowed to be worn in the photo.
  • Smile: A neutral expression is preferred; a natural smile is acceptable without teeth.

Submitting a high-quality passport photo is an important part of a passport renewal or application. Here at Clovis Pack & Ship we take this responsibility seriously.  The cost per set is only $11.95. Questions? We are here to help!

Passport Quick Links

First time applications must be submitted in person. Be sure to check the requirements for documents to bring along with your application. For your convenience, the following links guide you to the basics.

Visit U.S. Passports & International Travel for additional information.

Passport news update: Do I need a passport for domestic flights?

Passport Tips that Save Time!

Three tips that can literally save hours in the application process:

1. Prepare your application using the PDF form online. Type in your information and print the form to avoid time-consuming delays.

2. Professional passport photos are critical to prevent rejected applications. Our passport software generates quality photos in minutes, no appointment needed.

3. We highly recommend Fresno State’s passport application service. Their easy access, convenient parking, and friendly staff make the process quick and easy. Click here for details.